Keeping Up With Elon Musk’s Recent Run Of “Un-CEO like behaviour”


If there’s one thing I know i’ve been paying attention too it’s keeping up with Elon Musk. It has been a wild summer of headlines for CEO Elon Musk. But this hasn’t stopped Tesla doing business as usual, infant reports are suggesting new and used models are literally almost flying off the lot, even while CEO Elon Musk has been the bad boy CEO.. but what can you expect from a guy who literally sells flamethrowers.

Here’s Elon Musk’s $500 Boring Company flamethrower

Now you probably thought this was an article about cars but it’s far from it. To get you up to speed on “keeping Up With Elon Musk” the man has engaged in a wide variety of un-CEO-like behaviors over the course of just a one year, catching headlines almost weekly and even started a string of Elon Musk Memes on Reddit. I love it, I love Elon.

Most recently, he was made to pay a $20 million fine and agree to step down as Tesla chairman as part of a settlement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for misleading investors on Twitter. To get you really quick up to speed Elon falsely claimed to have “funding secured” to take the company private at the round number of $420. which he later admitted was just a reference for a weed joke to impress his girlfriend.

He also called a diver trying rescue a children’s soccer team a pedophile, and he smoked weed on air with comedian Joe Rogan. But remarkably it seems Tesla sales are continuing to pace  ahead regardless of his lets say “extracurricular” activities.

2018 has already been a record year for electric vehicles sales, with Tesla’s Model 3 being the most-sold EV in the U.S. Tesla wouldn’t comment on how the recent news has affected sales but have instead referred us to its production and deliveries announcement earlier this month, in which the company said it was meeting its production targets and that demand for Teslas “remains high.”

was that another weed reference? who knows but at least the companies optimistic on its future as are the shareholders, although not at first. After crashing to a low of $250 in September, $TSLA shares are back currently up around $350 for a share of the company.

Another interesting fact right now trending is that  Teslas are also seeing high demand in the sharing economy. Telsa is currently the second-most-searched-for carmaker on car-sharing app Turo behind BMWs, a position Tesla has retained for the most part since 2016, when Turo first started tracking search data.

It’s also the most commonly rented car in the “Deluxe” category for cars worth $55,000 or more, beating out Porsche, Maserati, BMW and Mercedes Benz which has more than 4,000 Teslas available on its app.

Teslas rental cost on average $142 per day, more than three times the average car.

Tesla’s public perception is another story.

Tesla’s public perception

Despite the demand for Teslas, Americans’ impression of the electric car company is at an all-time low. That being said what we do know is true is that the demand for Tesla is soaring regardless of whatever Elon does.

As the company continues to ramp up it’s production we we are sure to see a further increase in share price as well as more headlines to come from Elon and Tesla.

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